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Project Rogue

Monday, February 1st, 2010

In this place you will find a few collected thoughts in my casual development project, as well as a general progress log.

First, a current progress report. A while was spent setting up my IDE and experimenting with a few external libraries. I needed some variation of Curses for implementing text input/output, and I also wished to develop using automated unit tests. I eventually settled on using TinyCurses and UnitTest++ as they seemed the most lightweight and simple implementations.

Development started with keeping things simple. Rendering a hard-coded map, accepting user inputs, driving a simple ascii @ around the text-based maze, and eventually a basic system that would present game-world messages to the user. I was impressed with the simplicity of TinyCurses in assisting with these basic tasks, although by default did not register numpad input. My general development cycle of unit test, implement, refactor, repeat served me very well. I was pleased at how my experiences with Unit Testing at work in Java translated back to C++.

So after the briefest of summaries, I have the most basic skeleton of a  roguelike. The next step is to ensure all of the code is of an acceptable standard and refactored into a comfortably usable state. Then, develop the map proper, changing it from a set of hard coded strings to a layered map that allows for user interaction.